Samsung finally offers flagship Galaxy phone upgrades at a surprisingly low price

By Staff

Samsung is back with two new budget phones that get a flagship upgrade for the very first time.

If the latest Galaxy S24 series feels too much for your credit card to cope with there’s good news. Samsung has just announced the release of two much cheaper devices that come packed with a flagship upgrade for the very first time. The all-new Galaxy A55 5G and Galaxy A35 5G now include something called Samsung Knox Vault which helps protect the devices from malware and can keep personal files and data locked away behind additional layers of security.

This service, which has never been available on the A-Series before, also offers end-to-end secure hardware, real-time threat detection and collaborative protection making these new call makers tough to crack.

To help users feel even safer, Samsung says Auto Blocker has been added to the A Series as well. This opt-in package can block app installations from unauthorised sources, provide app security checks to scan for potential malware and block potentially malicious commands and software installations to the device.

Of course, it’s not just about security with the A55 5G and Galaxy A35 5G both getting Super AMOLED displays with Vision Booster technology to increase the brightness.

There are also massive batteries tucked under the shell with Samsung promising two days of life before going near a plug.

Triple lens cameras are placed on the rear case, with the more premium A55 5G now able to shoot better images when the sun goes down thanks to enhanced Nightography.

Users should be treated to blur-free images as well with optical image stabilisation and video digital image stabilisation included on both devices.

To increase their longevity, there are four years of Android upgrades which is good but can’t quite match the might of the Galaxy S24 which now gets 7 years of updates.

“Our ambition is to bring the latest technologies to everyone,” said James Kitto, Vice President and Head of MX Division, Samsung UK and Ireland. “We’re really pleased to be opening up even more possibilities on our competitively priced Galaxy A series devices, including offering Samsung Knox Vault for the first time on this line-up, meaning that users can enjoy our outstanding mobile experiences with even more confidence and security.”

The Galaxy A55 5G and Galaxy A35 5G will be available in four colour options including, Awesome Ice Blue, Awesome Lemon, Awesome Lilac and Awesome Navy. Both.

They will be available from March 20 with prices starting from £339.


Samsung Galaxy A55 5G RRP:

8GB Memory + 128GB Storage, £439

8GB Memory + 256GB Storage, £489

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G RRP:

8GB Memory + 128GB Storage, £339

8GB Memory + 256GB Storage, £389

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