Samsung will give you a huge Galaxy S24 discount if you hand over your old phone

By Staff

Samsung is back with it’s huge freebie that gives all fans a huge chunk off an S24 phone if they do one thing….hand over their old model

Have an old or broken phone sat collecting dust at home? Don’t worry it happens to the best of us, but now there’s a genius way to get some money back for it. By heading over to Samsung’s newest line-up of S24 phones you can get hundreds off the price if you trade in.

Simply, hand over your old device (no matter the model) and you’ll get at least £100 off the price of the standard S24, reducing it down to £699. But that’s not the limit, you could get up to £520 knocked off the price if you just happen to have an S23 Ultra in your draw, or £230 off if you hand in an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

It’s pretty easy to find, as highlighted by tech editor Dave Snelling, just head over to Samsung’s S24 range and go to your chosen model; either the S24, S24+ or S24 Ultra. Once you’ve picked your desired handset and storage size, scroll down to its ‘trade-in’ header and click ‘yes, please’. It’s here where you can see just how much you’ll get for your particular phone.

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And it doesn’t just have to be a Samsung model, which is hands down our favourite part of this money-saving tip. The Google Pixel, Apple iPhone, Huawei, Oppo, and OnePlus are on the list. And if you don’t spot your brand of phone you can simply click ‘other’ which gets you the minimum £100 off…. even if it’s broken.

Here’s a quick rundown of the discounts when you hand in these phones:

And if you’re wondering whether Samsung’s newest range is a reputable set to go for, then our Tech Editor Dave Snelling has rounded up a few of its best features. You’ll quickly be able to see why this newest 2024 range is loved so much.

As Dave said: “All of these new Samsung phones feature faster processors, bigger batteries, brighter screens and fast charging. The Ultra is also now made from tough Titanium and gets a boost to its quad-rear camera.

“One of the biggest changes included on the S24 series is the introduction of something called Galaxy AI. This offers an abundance of smart features including real-time call translation and instant picture editing. Circle to Search is also now included which lets you find things on the web by simply circling a part of a photo.

“It’s also now possible to transcribe recordings and even add slow-motion effects to videos after they have been shot”, explained Dave.” As we speak the newest Samsung phones are proving popular, especially with rival retailers, Amazon’s current Spring Deal Days sale has reduced a number of phones including it’s budget Galaxy A54.

Over at John Lewis you will also find a trade-in offer, all be it compared to Samsung’s own site it doesn’t quite fair up with just £50 taken off the price. If you’re interested you can shop here.

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