‘Scumbag’ husband caught red-handed in ‘sickening’ affair with son’s girlfriend

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A woman was left heartbroken when she realised that her husband and their 18-year-old son’s girlfriend had been having an affair – they’d even both slated her behind her back

Being cheated on is heartwrenching, but knowing the person your partner has been unfaithful with is even worse.

One woman was left devastated when she found her husband was having an affair with not just a random stranger – but their son’s teenage girlfriend.

The heartbroken mum admitted that her marriage had become “somewhat stale” over the years, for many reasons, but when she “inadvertently” saw her husband’s phone she was left mortified at what was staring back at her. Their son’s girlfriend and he had been exchanging X-rated messages, and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

They’d also been sharing “mean, horrible things”, said at her expense – and her husband had cruelly referred to her as “fat and old”, and their son’s girlfriend had laughed.

Taking to Reddit’s ‘Off My Chest’ the devastated mum, 41, explained that her husband is 48 and that she was going to refer to him as ‘Paul’. She said they’d been “married for nearly 20 years”, and have two children who she referred to as ‘Eric’, 18, and ‘Mary’, 15.

She wrote: “My marriage with my husband has grown somewhat stale over the years for a myriad of reasons, such as his work schedule and how I’ve aged poorly since we first met. Our son ‘Eric’ has a girlfriend (18), whom he’s been dating since they were freshmen in high school. We’ll call her ‘Amy.’ Eric absolutely adores Amy. She’s his first love, and she’s someone I’ve always considered as family. This makes the whole situation emotionally excruciating for me.

“Last week I inadvertently saw my husband’s phone screen and got a glimpse of a text thread between my husband and Amy, our SON’S GIRLFRIEND. I froze in place, in complete disbelief. I spent most of the day convincing myself that I must have misread what I saw,” she revealed.

“I also looked at his phone during opportune moments and saw more of their interactions. I wish I had never looked. They were filled with mean, horrible things said at my expense, with him constantly comparing me to her. He would call me fat and old, among other things, with Amy LOLing”, she fumed.

The woman said that she’s always had “paranoid feelings” that her husband was cheating, but said she could never “in a million years have fathomed something like this”. She continued: “Last month, I found a thong in our bedroom that I know wasn’t mine. I turned a blind eye to it, being naive and acting like it was maybe our daughter’s even though that made zero sense.

“Not only is he cheating on me, but he’s betraying our son. I’m completely devastated, I don’t even think words can adequately describe the dread, anger, and shock I feel right now. I’m totally overwhelmed on how to handle this because obviously action needs to be taken but I’m terrified of what kind of blow this will be for my son. I have no idea how to even broach this completely f**ked up topic with him. I wouldn’t wish this predicament on my worst enemy. I can’t even believe I married this scumbag in the first place.”

The mum said that her “heart aches” for her children who are “completely innocent bystanders”, and she was scared of sharing the “sickening truth” with her son as it would be “devastating”. “I haven’t confronted my husband about this because I’m frankly scared of the domino effect. I don’t know who to turn to first about this”, she wrote.

In the comments, people were horrified and spoke about how inappropriate the man’s behaviour was. One wrote: “Your marriage should end as well as your son vowing never to speak to his father after you tell him.” Another fumed: “Her husband is a f**king monster.”

Someone else said: “I saw a HUGE red flag like why would their relationship get stale from her ‘not ageing well'”, and a Redditor responded: “She’s only 41 for heaven’s sake. I’m sure she doesn’t look like a teenager but the fact that her husband would rather be with a teenager when he’s almost 50 is disgusting.”

In the UK, the legal age of consent is 16. If you’re concerned about someone under 18’s wellbeing, please contact the charity NSPCC.

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