‘Shocked Kate Middleton won’t allow medical record breach get better of her for sake of family’ – expert

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The hospital where the Princess of Wales underwent surgery is investigating claims staff attempted to access her private medical records – and one royal expert believes the news would have left the royals reeling

The Princess of Wales will have been left shocked by an investigation over claims staff attempted to access her private medical records – but won’t let it get the better of her, according to a royal expert.

The Mirror revealed last night that bosses have launched a probe into the claims Kate’s confidentiality was breached while she was a patient in The London Clinic, where she had abdominal surgery in January. At least one member of staff was said to have been caught trying to access the 42-year-old’s notes. Details of Kate’s condition have not been disclosed but Kensington Palace previously said it was not cancer-related.

It added that the princess wished for her personal medical information to remain private – and the hospital at the centre of the claims has vowed “all appropriate investigatory, regulatory and disciplinary steps will be taken”. The hospital was also where King Charles was treated earlier this year for an enlarged prostate.

And royal biographer and editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine Ingrid Seward told the Mirror: “The news that a staff member in the London Clinic attempted the access the Princess of Wales’s medical records came as a shock when the royal family were first informed. A shock to the palace, a shock to the princess and a shock to her husband and father-in-law, the King.

“The hospital is renowned as much for its privacy as it is for its massive costs, which without taking advantage of medical insurance can be over £7,000 per night.

“When the news eventually came out, Kensington Palace was already under siege from the social media storm surrounding the Mother’s Day photograph and the Prince and Princess’s appearance shopping at the Windsor Farm Shop last Saturday. The latest revelation has not helped public opinion. We imagine – quite rightly – that those employed by the royal family are of the highest calibre.

“But few are experienced enough to know how to deal with the unpleasant brand of social media the royal revelations have encouraged. All the palace spokesman could do was allow the London Clinic to make their own apologies, which they have done.

“Attempting to access medical records of famous people is nothing new. Doctor’s secretaries were vulnerable to bribes in the days of written medical notes, which were fortunately pretty illegible. Today in house bribes for medical records of international royalty and top celebrities could command a far larger price. For the London Clinic, it is an embarrassment of the worst kind and they will do their best to appease everyone concerned.”

Meanwhile, Ingrid added when it comes to Kate, it will be another blow following the wild conspiracy theories about her health and whereabouts and the photo editing row following the release of a photo for Mother’s Day.

But she added: “As for Catherine it is another emotional upset, she is going to have to put behind her. She is far stronger than she looks. With the support of her husband, she has learned to be. She will not allow her battered emotions to get the better of her. For William’s sake and for the tight family unit they have created.”

Under the Data Protection Act 2018, it is an offence for a person to obtain, disclose or retain personal data without the consent of the data controller. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) can carry out criminal investigations and prosecute individuals where it believes an offence may have been committed.

Usually, an assessment of the breach report will be carried out by its Criminal Investigation Team, who will decide whether to proceed in accordance with the Regulatory Action Policy. This decision includes looking at whether there is sufficient evidence to support a prosecution and whether it is in the public interest to do so.

Ingrid Seward is the author of My Mother & I – the story of the relationship between King Charles and the late Queen.

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