Simple newspaper hack hailed by experts will make patio doors ‘sparkle’

By Staff

Say goodbye to murky, streaked windows this spring with a tried and tested hack hailed by experts. You only need two items, which you probably already have lying around your house…

The sun is starting to finally come out, and it’s shedding light on your dirty patio doors…

Cleaning glass is a nightmare – even the most fancy cleaning product that costs an arm and a leg can leave your windows and doors looking murky and streaked. But, getting a professional window cleaner is a luxury many Brits can’t afford right now, during the cost of living crisis.

Luckily, one homeware expert has found a genius solution to make your patio doors ‘sparkle’ while keeping your bank balance happy. In fact, you probably have both items lying around in the house already.

“Newspaper fibres are naturally absorbent and finely textured, making them perfect for achieving spotless and streakless glass,” said Myles Robinson of Value Doors. “Compared to common cloths and paper towels, newspaper outperforms by leaving virtually no residue behind, resulting in a pristine shine every time.”

The expert recommends making a cleaning solution comprised of white vinegar and water to spray ‘generously’ onto the glass. Then, crumple up your newspaper and buff the windows in a ‘circular motion’.

“The ink on the newspaper is a bonus, helping to lift stains for immaculate results,” Robinson added. “Lastly, take a fresh piece of dry newspaper to buff the glass, enhancing the shine dramatically. It’s the final flourish that makes all the difference.”

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For tougher stains, the pro advises spraying the vinegar solution directly onto the mark and letting it ‘sit for a few minutes’ before wiping it away with the newspaper. You can also use a microfibre cloth for ‘extra scrubbing power’.

Robinson also hailed the hack for being environmentally friendly and helping reduce waste, adding: “By cleaning them regularly with this budget-friendly solution, you can extend the lifespan of your doors and avoid costly replacements.”

You can pick white vinegar up from a slew of supermarkets and online retailers without breaking the bank. Morrisons, for example, is selling a one-litre bottle for just 99p. If you’re wanting to stock up on the natural cleaner, Amazon is selling a 10-litre box for £8.50 – working out cheaper than most supermarkets.

When it comes to newspapers, we might be slightly biased – but you can get the Daily Mirror plus Sunday Mirror (plus a FREE digital edition) for as little as £5.75 per week. You can either collect in-store with our vouchers or have the papers delivered straight to your home – just make sure your read them before cleaning your doors!

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