Single woman’s honest admission after dating married men for 14 years

By Staff

The woman joined a dating site for married people 14 years ago, but after her own divorce decided to keep meeting married blokes.

A woman has admitted to meeting over 150 married men for dates, because they have a “desire to please and feel wanted”.

The single woman turned to dating sites designed for married men 14 years ago, whilst she was still married herself. Despite initial apprehensions about the moral implications of such sites, she ultimately decided to sign up.

She confided that her own marriage was “miserable” at the time, causing her to feel “lonely,” and yearn for both physical and emotional intimacy. Since joining the website Illicit Encounters, she has met over 150 men, confessing she has engaged in sexual relations with four, reports the Daily Star.

Over the years, her relationships with these attached men have spanned across eight months to five years. The woman explained she likes to “compartmentalise” her affairs, acknowledging that the men will “never be mine”.

In an interview with Closer, she said: “I only become intimate with men I have feelings for. It’s important to compartmentalise these relationships. They’ll never be mine but we meet up weekly when life allows – it’s surprisingly easy to escape for hours at a time if you want to – there’s always ‘friends to meet up with’ or ‘working late’.”

The woman recounted how she once met a man who brought his wife to their first date, stating he could only take on a mistress if his wife found her “prettier than” herself. Opting out of the competition, the woman, who had joined the site with her husband’s knowledge, eventually chose divorce after her kids were grown but remained on the site.

She confessed: “I appreciate married men. They have a desire to please and feel wanted, desired and young. And it means I retain my independence.

“I don’t see myself as a marriage wrecker. Some of the men I’ve met, I’ve talked them through their marriage problems and they’ve gone away determined to make it work.”

She also admitted that some of the men would likely have divorced anyway due to “lack of intimacy” and being “sexually frustrated”. Despite never imagining she’d be someone’s affair, she’s come to accept that “life is not a fairytale” and “adultery is as old as time”.

This woman’s story is part of a larger trend, as dating sites for married individuals like Illicit Encounters report increased activity following Netflix’s documentary ‘Ashley Madison Sex, Lies and Scandal’, which delved into the notorious 2015 data leak of 32 million users from the infidelity website.

Another woman, who wished to remain anonymous, turned to the websites when her husband was diagnosed with early onset dementia. She confessed that she “missed sex and intimacy desperately”.

She connected with three men through the site, and has been in regular contact with one for several weeks. In her words, “He brings joy to my life.”

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