Sky, BT and Virgin Media users must beware of important new date to save £179

By Staff

A dramatic change is coming later this year that could help UK homes save up to £179 off their broadband.

After two failed attempts by the industry to make it easier for broadband users to change providers, it’s now been confirmed that a new One Touch Switch service will finally come into force later this year.

Right now, moving from providers who use the same network, such as Openreach, is relatively easy but that’s not the case when making a much bigger change.

For example, customers wanting to leave BT and take Virgin Media’s own fibre broadband instead will have to make numerous calls to get their broadband plan transferred. Users also often face timing issues which means their current deal is cut off before the new service starts. It’s hugely annoying and is putting people off making changes – and that’s costing them money.

The team USwitch says that, on average, there are savings of up to £179 to be made by moving suppliers and millions are missing out.

“Without a simpler cross-network switching process, it’s harder for consumers to consider their choices and leave for better options when price rises hit. Our own data shows that broadband customers can save as much as £179 if they switch,” said Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at

Luckily, come the autumn this should all change with easy switching no matter what network you currently use. That means one call will be enough to cancel the current contract and set up a new one.

The new deadline – which has been set with ISPs to make sure the new simple way of switching is ready to go live – has been set for September 12 2024.

Once activated, anyone moving to a rival will see everything automated so there’s no hassle and less chance of being left without broadband.

Speaking about the update, TOTSCo – the team behind the new switching service – said: “In arriving at this date, we have spoken with many CPs (communication providers) and other stakeholders from all industry sections. We believe that all parties can achieve this date. While we recognise that many CPs would prefer an earlier date, we believe that this is the earliest credible date given the implementation timescales that have been communicated to us.”

And an Ofcom spokesperson added: “We have received written assurances from BT, Sky Broadband, TalkTalk and Virgin Media that the September launch date is achievable. We will use all necessary resources and oversight to hold TOTSCo and industry to account in meeting this deadline.”

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