Speeding Met Police officer crashed unmarked car with child inside after secretly using it 240 times

By Staff

A speeding Metropolitan Police officer who drove thousands of miles in an unmarked police car while off-duty has left the force in disgrace. Detective Constable Andrew Hardy took the vehicle without permission and smashed it into multiple vehicles, causing ‘significant damage’, while he had his child in the car, on March 23, 2023, a misconduct tribunal heard.

Not only did he crash the police car, but it transpired DC Hardy also used the vehicle while off-duty on 240 occasions between October 1, 2022 and March 19, 2023, travelling a total of 3,883 miles. DC Hardy ‘materially gained’ from using the car, driving at ‘excessive speeds’ without authorisation or a policing purpose, while failing to record his journeys in a log book assigned to the vehicle, the tribunal was told.

DC Hardy quit the force and admitted all the allegations ahead of the hearing, which found his behaviour breached the Met’s professional standards to the level of gross misconduct. The tribunal considered DC Hardy’s explanation for his misconduct, but this was not disclosed in the written findings that have been made public.

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Concluding he would have been sacked had he still worked for the force, the panel wrote: “DC Hardy used a police vehicle for personal use on over 240 occasions and committed a speeding offence… His actions put members of the public at risk of serious harm… Such behaviour risks causing significant reputational harm to the force.”

Commander Stephen Clayman leading the Specialist Crime Command said: “DC Hardy made personal use of a vehicle that was meant for use in the pursuit of policing operations and public safety.

“His actions fall far below the high standard that the public expect from us. He has let down his colleagues and it is completely unacceptable that he damaged the property of others through his reckless actions. He has rightly been held to account for his behaviour and dismissed without notice.”

DC Hardy is now banned from policing.

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