‘Spiteful’ neighbour harasses elderly couple about fence boundary – and soon regrets it

By Staff

A ‘spiteful’ neighbour has kicked up a fuss after an elderly couple had workmen over to install a fence. However, it turns out she could now lose some of her own land if she doesn’t try and restore the peace

A neighbourly feud has spiralled out of control – but ended up massively backfiring for one ‘spiteful’ woman.

It can be hard to keep the peace with neighbours, especially when they’re the kind that likes to complain about every single thing. You know, the kind that moans your microwave beeps too loud and that you should paint your door the same off-white as theirs.

But a great way to shut some of the noise out and shelter yourself from the constant lurking and pettiness is to install a fence. That’s exactly what one elderly couple did – which ended up sending their neighbour into a fit of rage and leaving her desperate for revenge.

Taking to Reddit, an anonymous man explained that he was helping his parents install the fence around the perimeter of the house. Workmen had arrived to outline the area with rebar posts – which stick into the ground to mark where the fence will be located.

“A few moments later the neighbour comes out,” the post reads. “She points to me and gestures [for] me to come over to talk while ‘shooing’ away my father… She begins to tell me that we are encroaching on her property line. I tell her that we are not and are going based off of where our driveway ends and we also have a permit from our local village.”

However, the man then found an old property survey that shows the area she accused them of ‘encroaching’ on actually belongs to his parents. He presented this to the neighbour but says the document ‘flew right over her’ – but she could now lose land she thought was hers if the peace isn’t restored.

“Later she contacted the village’s building and public works department. The gentleman who came said that we were approved and we continued,” the post added. “The neighbour called the public works department again an hour later and two individuals came this time. She didn’t listen to us or the first inspector, but she seemed to be reasonable with the second.”

Out of spite, she says she is now going to install a fence into her neighbour’s driveway’s concrete. “I said ‘sure, if you get the permit and the contractor has sound judgment’,” the man concluded.

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The post attracted hundreds of likes and users rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts. Many suggested the elderly couple reclaim their land from the neighbour – which would make her regret kicking off in the first place.

“I would take back the part that is your property as well,” one person wrote. Another agreed, commenting: “If she is using your parent’s land then the fence should have actually been built further. Don’t let her bully your parents into taking their garden.” While a third added: “I can’t believe the nerve of some people. Make sure she does not continue to bother your parents.”

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