Stunning Fire Max 11 deal rivals premium tablets from Samsung and Apple

By Staff

We delve into two of the newest tablets, one budget and one high-end but both offering the exact same screen size

Samsung’s newest Galaxy tablet has caused a stir among tech fans, with its premium features it’s said to be one of the snazziest Android-backed tablets money can buy, but it comes with a high price. This is why our eyes lit up when we spotted Amazon’s much cheaper Fire Tablet 11 drop dramatically in price.

Now ready to snap up for £90 cheaper, Amazon has propelled its newest Fire 11 Max tablet to the forefront of its recent sale, appropriately named ‘Spring Deal Days’. At £159.99 it’s hard to believe you can actually walk away with a 11-inch vivid display device for a fraction of the cost, one rival brands would offer if the speed octa-core processor model was theirs.

With an immersive dolby atmos sound (a quality which will make any series or playlist feel in the room) and 64GB of storage this newest tablet is Amazon’s biggest launch to date. Not only does it make a laptop-like option for on-the-go users but it’s been a huge hit with gamers too.

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Not even one year old, its blue-light resolution screen helps prevent workers’ eye strain and its snappy processor – the octa-core – helps give gamers much quicker reaction times with less lag and buffering.

  • 11-inch display
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 14 hours of battery life
  • Wi-Fi 6 for fast streaming, gaming and quick changes between apps
  • Unlike cheaper (and older, clunkier Fire models) the newest Max 11 has integrated Wi-Fi 6, which means you can pick and choose the apps you use signal on or work on multiple at once without jeopardizing the streaming quality. Let’s say you wanted to take a Google Teams call while sending an email or downloading a large file… there would be no delay.

    The Fire Max 11 turns into a versatile 2-in-1 device if you buy the Amazon Stylus Pen and Keyboard Case bundle with two accessories. These simple gadgets may sound unnecessary to some but it’ll take it from a standard tablet to a multi-functional office laptop.

    Priced down from £249.99 to £159 it’s worlds away (in cost) from one of its biggest competitors, Samsung’s newest Tab S9 range. Launched in the same year as Amazon’s newest Fire Max 11, Samsung’s Galaxy range is made up of the S9 and S9 Ultra.

    Starting at a whopping £799 (for the smallest device) there of course are some cost-worthy differences, with all eyes on its Android 8.0 OS software, but trickling down to size and there’s no difference. Both the Fire Max 11 and Galaxy S9 have the same 11-inch screen.

    One star feature of Samsung’s flagship Tab S9 range, however, would have to be its resolution and camera quality, both features where Amazon’s cheaper budget-friendly Fire Max 11 just doesn’t come close.

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