Teen devastated after discovering ‘best friend of 10 years is a hired actor’

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Lawson Spolansky has taken to TikTok to share his heartache after discovering his aunt ‘hired an actor to be his friend’ – and his video has now been viewed more than one million times

A teenager has been left heartbroken after claiming his best friend of ten years was actually an actor hired by his aunt. Lawson Spolansky, who uses the handle @Lawsonspolansky on TikTok, shared his shocking story in a video that has been watched over a million times.

In the video, titled “I’m finally ready to share with you this horrific story”, Lawson tells how it all began back in July 2012 when he was just five years old. He says he was a bit naughty at school and had some behaviour problems.

His Aunt Jecka sat him down one day and told him he needed to “become a better man”. A few days later, while playing on monkey bars, Lawson fell and hurt his knee. He claims a blonde boy came over and started teasing him as he cried. The boy’s mum then came over and helped him.

This happened while Lawson’s nanny was in the park’s public loo, reports Wales Online. When the new school term started, Lawson saw that the same blonde boy, who he calls Dexter for the story, was in his class. They even sat next to each other.

From then on, they became good friends and Lawson started “doing a lot better at school”. In 2018, Dexter told Lawson he got a big birthday present of money and wanted to use it for a trip to Paris, Spain, and California with him. “I’m shocked, I’m like this is crazy,” Lawson said.

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Dexter asked Lawson to make a list of all the things he wanted to take on the trip. But when the next school day came, Dexter said he didn’t think they could go after all. When Lawson asked why, he said his mate would “make up all these strange reasons”, like being too sick or needing to go to tennis camp.

Lawson soon brushed off the cancelled trip and said “whatever”. When the TikToker told his dad about it, his dad said: “You know these things happen… life throws surprises at us.” The next day, Lawson’s dad showed him a photo of his own aunt on Instagram with Dexter and his mum on holiday in Hollywood. Lawson called Dexter and was told there was a “mix-up” about the trip.

The TikToker wanted to know what was really happening, so he asked his dad. The dad said there was an extra ticket, which was supposed to be for him, but ended up going to Lawson’s aunt. The trip was half business, half fun. Dexter’s mum was allegedly out there looking at a house she wanted to buy in California.

Years later, in 2021, Lawson started dating a guy who worked as a pool boy for Dexter’s family. He says this is when he found out the real story about his friendship with Dexter. Lawson then claimed that his close friend, Dexter had been hired by his Aunt to be his best mate. Lawson recounts how his Aunt arranged for Dexter’s ‘mum’, who was a production company manager, to work with him and help mould Dexter into his ideal friend.

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Making this emotional video even more moving, he reveals that the therapist from whom he sought guidance turned out to be the sister of Dexter’s manager. Lawson says he confronted Dexter about these allegations – and claims Dexter confirmed them. Visibly upset, the TikToker lambasted his Aunt Jekka and Dexter, stating uncertainly – “I’ve never experienced a true friendship, so thank you, Aunt Jekka,” before adding: “I don’t know what to do now.”

Viewers were stunned by Lawson’s heartbreaking confession. One commented thoughtfully: “Can’t believe they let it go on that long either? ” Another sympathised: “My jaw literally dropped open. I’m deeply sorry someone did that to you.” A shocked user asked desperately: “Nooooo, is this for real? ” To which Lawson sadly responded: “Unfortunately – I really truly wish it wasn’t.”

Yet another viewer admitted shockingly: “Not going to lie, this is the wildest story I’ve ever heard in my life.” One curious user said: “Ok, so this is crazy but was Dexter aware of this? Because he was only 5.”

Apparently, Dexter was played along all this while by his real mum. As Lawson explained: “His real mum (the lady I never met, only met the manager who kind acted like a mum) signed him up for this and when he was old enough, he just went with it.” Looking back, Lawson believes his Aunt was the grand architect of this elaborate charade, whereas his mother was staunchly against it.

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