The 1,600 clocks owned by Royal Family that had to be manually changed – including 1532 Henry VIII wedding gift

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For the majority of us simply remembering how to correct the time on an oven clock is the trickiest moment when the clocks change, so spare a thought for three people working for the Royal Family who have had to change the time manually on more than 1,600 clocks this weekend.

The clocks went forward one hour overnight at 1am Sunday (March 31) to mark the start of British Summer Time (BST). A team of three horological conservators will work through the weekend to change the timepieces in the Royal Collection for King Charles and the rest of the family.

They include 450 at Windsor Castle, 350 at Buckingham Palace and St James’s Palace in London, and 50 at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh. The Royal Collection Trust said the timepieces in the collection are some of the finest and most historic items at the palaces.

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They include musical clocks, astronomical clocks and miniature clocks. The trust released images showing horologists returning clocks to the Yellow Drawing Room and Centre Room in the east wing of Buckingham Palace, as works of art are reinstalled after the completion of five years of improvement works.

The oldest in the collection is the Anne Boleyn Clock, which is said to have been given by Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn on the morning of their marriage in 1532. The collection also includes Queen Charlotte’s watch, which was the first to have a lever escapement and is considered to be a forerunner of modern wrist and pocket watches.

The clocks went forward by one hour at 1am on March 31 and they will go back by one hour at 2am on October 27.

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