The North London neighbourhood loved for ‘village lifestyle’ consistently named among best places to live

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Crouch End is a beautiful area that has a great reputation as it is constantly voted as or named one of the best places to live in London. It won the crown as the very best London neighbourhood to call home in 2023 Sunday Times ranking and while it didn’t retain the number one spot in 2024, it still made it into the top six. The capital has its fair share of lovely neighbourhoods to live in and Crouch End is an ever-present member of those areas that are touted as the best.

The area itself is positioned in what you could call a valley, about a 30-minute walk from Finsbury Park station northwards. To get into the valley of Crouch End you have to go over hills from any angle, hence creating the valley. Its positioning adds to the community feel of being able to serve the area perfectly. Some, have called it a village feel like March Reeves, 37, who works at Estate Agents, David Asterby’s.

When asked why Crouch End is constantly being called one of the best places to live she said: “It’s because it’s like a village. It’s got quite a community feel so even when we do events and stuff, we do it with the community as we think it’s important to take care of the community that already lives here.

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“And then obviously it’s very family orientated, it’s very green on the streets and it’s really pretty. There are lots of parks and then also obviously for public transport, you’ve got options where you can live near different train stations. Also, for driving it’s great as well. I think it’s just a multi-faceted area where it works for a lot of different people.”

She continued: “It’s got lots of different shops, it’s got nice of restaurants as well that you won’t find in other areas around here in Muswell Hill have that similar thing and like village areas but in a good way.

“It’s got a small high street but there’s so much on that one high street and there’s just a lot of choice. There’s pubs, there’s bars, there’s restaurants. There’s just so much choice.”

Just walking along the small high street you really understand what Mr Reeves meant about having ‘so much on that one high street’ as there is a litany of shops with a wide variety but also many similar. In one 20-metre stretch, there is a Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose, with a Marks and Spencer just an additional three-minute walk away.

There are many cafes, restaurants, fruit and veg stores, along with charity shops, pubs and two cinemas – the independent Arthouse Cinema and an Everyman. There are loads of buses which come through the area and can shepherd you to a local train station making travel easy enough.

The urban village is all situated around the most famous landmark in the area, the Crouch End Clocktower. A strong and tall monument at the heart of the area, the Clocktower was erected in 1895.

Residents still love the tower and feel like it has symbolism for the community. One such resident is Patrick Tobin, 73, who has lived in Crouch End for 30 years. Patrick said: “I think the iconic clock tower serves as a symbol of community right at the heart of Crouch End.

“And then, radiating out from here, where those three roads meet, is an area abundant with coffee bars, bakeries, pubs, great independent food stores, supermarkets, book stores, gift shops, hairdressers and even two cinemas. Many of these businesses have traded for generations here.”

Patrick told MyLondon that there is a vibrant cultural scene with community choirs, musicians and artists and you are quite likely to bump into “one of your favourite celebrities off the telly” down at Dunns which is a popular Bakers. Patrick recommends ordering a spelt sourdough.

He continued: “I say, It’s like a resort without a beach. There is access to beautiful green spaces and Crouch End is also connected to Finsbury Park and Highgate Wood by the disused railway line, the Parkland Walk and let’s not forget the Park Road Leisure Centre with its open-air heated lido and the many tennis and cricket spaces bordering Queens Wood. The schools are good and what great facilities for young and growing families!”

Patrick finished by saying that Crouch End is “a place where people can bond and celebrate their version of a village, albeit it the great urban sprawl of the capital.”

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