The school aiming to give your child an exceptional start in life

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Whether they’re excited to start making new friends or learn something new, starting school can be a big step for any child.

The transition from nursery to primary school may not seem like much of a change, but it can be an important stage of your child’s development that can allow them to grow into a brilliant young person.

E-ACT Chalfont Valley Academy is a school based in Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire, that aims to help shape children’s behaviour and approach to learning through the school’s key values – Ready, Resilient, Respectful, Responsible.

The primary school is one of 28 academies which form the prestigious E-ACT National Multi-Academy Trust, sharing knowledge and practices with other local E-ACT academies to help each other thrive and make things better for all of their children.

Be exceptional

Chalfont Valley prides itself on being a small school, as it aims to give pupils a fantastic start to their educational journey.

Championing the motto ‘Small School, Big Trust, Exceptional Outcomes’, the primary academy not only welcomes Key Stage 1 to Year 6 pupils, but children at Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) too.

The school has a large EYFS area that has three indoor spaces and two outdoor areas, and are well resourced and maintained by the dedicated EYFS team, with ample opportunities for parents to get involved with children’s activities.

Taking children from age three and upwards, Chalfont Valley also provides 15 hours or 30 hours funded nursery places, to help ensure that your child is able to access the enrichment opportunities available, including the stay and play sessions for children aged two and above throughout this term.

Speaking about how the EYFS area is able to cater to children’s needs, Chalfont Valley teacher Arlethra Howes said:We are blessed with a large EYFS area and have a high staff to child ratio.

“We are able to tailor our curriculum to meet individual learners needs. We know our children and their families really well. Children are supported here, holistically. They love coming to Chalfont Valley.”

Bringing learning to life

As well as an excellent EYFS area and programme designed to help pupils thrive, Chalfont Valley enhances its curriculum with termly offsite trips and workshops that are designed to bring learning to life.

The curriculum has interconnected strands of knowledge centred around three pillars – knowledge and vocabulary rich, equity, diversity and inclusion, and global citizenship.

Created to provide pupils with learning that is both meaningful and exciting, the enhanced curriculum aims to promote a life-long love for learning by opening minds and, in turn, opening doors to successful learning experiences.

Adding to the fantastic enrichment opportunities that the school aims to offer pupils, Chalfont Valley has close links with local charity, Restore Hope, which the academy has worked in partnership with for many years.

Haydn Kilyan, headteacher at E-ACT Chalfont Valley Academy said: “We have all the benefits of being a small school including high staff to pupil ratios and small class numbers. We forge positive, nurturing relationships with all our children, and we get to know our families really well.

“We are also part of a the E-ACT trust, which means we work in collaboration with 28 schools nationally and are supported by experts in SEND, curriculum design, early years provision and a range of other fields. We are challenged and supported to provide the very best for our learners and the 18,000+ pupils that are taught in an E-ACT school.

“We believe that this combination leads to exceptional outcomes – 2023 KS2 SATs results were 80% Combined Reading, Writing and Maths. We prepare children holistically for the next step in education whilst creating memories that will last a lifetime.”

Contact the school office to book a tour with the headteacher by calling 01494 764521 (8am -4pm) or by emailing [email protected]

Visit the Chalfont Valley website to see how the school can help your child become exceptional.

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