The Traitors’ Andrew Jenkins opens up about ‘dying’ in car crash and healing from trauma

By Staff

The Traitors star Andrew Jenkins said a near-death car accident left him with low self-esteem, but credits meeting the surgeon who operated on him as helping him move on. The TV star, who made it to the final of series two of the BBC competition, was pronounced dead after a car accident 24 years ago, but was later revived and underwent surgery.

Jenkins told BBC Morning Live that as a result he suffered psychological trauma, effects of which he still feels today. “It affected not only me, but it affected everybody around me as well,” he said.

“My son, all my relationships have been affected. I never used to think I was enough. My self-esteem was so low. I was projecting my insecurity on other people.”

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His parents, Patricia and Victor Jenkins, recalled their son having mood swings and struggling with feelings of being “a freak” after the accident. Jenkins said the path to feeling better involved a lot of self-reflection and beginning to talk to his family, alongside meeting his surgeon Professor Hamish Laing last year to thank him.

“It just made me realise how lucky I was,” Jenkins said. “Instead of looking back on my life and what I’ve lost, I’m looking forward and the post traumatic growth.”

Jenkins also said watching himself back on The Traitors, where he shared his traumatic experience with his fellow contestants, made him realise “I’ve come on so far”.

“It brings it all back makes me realise how much I’ve come on with what I’m doing now. I’m a different guy. A different person to what I was a few years ago, completely different,” he said. The full interview can be viewed on Morning Live on Friday at 9.30am on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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