Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust tells Premier League to act after ‘disgraceful’ decision

By Staff

The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust have written to Premier League chief executive Richard Masters, calling on the governing body to act against the north London club’s season ticket decisions.

Spurs announced last week that they would raising the price of season tickets across the board by six per cent for those looking to watch Ange Postecoglou’s team at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium next season. The club also confirmed that they would be removing the opportunity for new applications for senior concession season tickets after next season while reducing the discounts for those over the age of 66 currently holding such tickets.

The supporters’ trust expressed their disappointment at the time with the decisions taken, as did many fans, and now the organisation have written to the Premier League supremo Masters looking for him to insist that Tottenham comply with what they see as the current rules regarding senior concessions.

“Dear Mr Masters, If, like us, the Premier League believes football is indeed nothing without its fans, we would urge you to contact the current owners of Tottenham Hotspur to remind them of this,” wrote the trust. “Last week Tottenham Hotspur announced that season tickets for 2024/25 will increase by six per cent.

“A step too far for many football supporters still dealing with a cost-of-living crisis, but to make matters worse, much worse in fact, they decided to completely remove new senior concession season tickets from 2025/26. They also chose to eventually halve the discount for current senior season ticket holders who still qualify for the concession that remains.

“Note the word ‘chose’. They chose to do this. As one of the richest and most profitable clubs in the world there was surely another way to raise the relatively small sum of between £3m and £4 million. We remain disappointed the club rejected our calls to freeze ticket prices and to improve the current concessions offered to senior citizens.

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“The fact that a fan of 30, 40 or 50-years loyal support will now never be able to buy a season ticket at a senior concession rate is disgraceful and unacceptable. This decision must be reversed. As the independent, democratically elected voice of Tottenham Hotspur supporters, we call on you to join us in asking the club to rethink these shocking proposals.

“We also believe Tottenham Hotspur should commit to comply with the Premier League rules that require it to offer senior concessions (Rule R8). We ask you to insist that they do. It is never too late to do the right thing, these changes must be stopped.”

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