Trichologist shares how often you should wash your hair to prevent shedding

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If you’re concerned your hair-washing regime is contributing to a loss in strands, read on, as leading trichologist Samantha Stewart MIT clears up the truth on the matter

Depending on who you speak to, how often we should be washing our hair to reduce shedding can vary greatly. Some people swear that it should only be done once or twice a week to keep tresses thick and healthy, while others can’t go a day without shampoo and rinse.

Recently, TikTok has become a hub for discussions on hair washing schedules, with users analysing its influence on the amount of hair they shed, or don’t shed, in the shower. Yet, the perennial question persists: “What effect does washing my hair have on hair shedding?”

To get to the truth, we asked consultant trichologist and Hair Gain Ambassador Samantha Stewart MIT. According to Samantha, the frequency of hair washing and its impact on shedding is highly dependent on factors such as an individual’s scalp type, hair type, condition of the hair, and lifestyle.

“If you are suffering from hair loss, washing your hair daily or once a week will not reduce the hair shedding,” added Samantha. Instead, the trichologist explains that while washing your hair less frequently may give the illusion of increased shedding in that given moment, in reality, it’s nothing more than your usual shedding rate.

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She continued: “If you normally wash your hair daily or every other day and you reduce this to once a week, it will actually give the appearance of more hair loss. The reason for this is hair sheds daily irrespective of what we do to it. Hairs remain anchored within the hair follicles until we brush, wash, or they are released from the follicle. So, the longer the interval between washing is, the more loose hair accumulates.”

Samantha emphasised that there is no direct correlation between hair washing frequency and hair shedding levels, without considering various other factors that can contribute to hair loss, such as genetics, hormonal changes, diet, stress, and hair care practices. She went on: “It is important to wash your hair as often as it is needed, this ensures that the scalp microbiome remains balanced, and the hair receives the hydration and moisture required to keep it healthy.”

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