TV presenter says ‘crime is damaging London’s character’ after £10k bronze stag statue stolen outside Knightsbridge home

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A television presenter is appealing for help to track her statue of a stag that she ‘loved so much’ after it was stolen from outside her London home. The £10,000 statue was missing when Alison Cork woke on Sunday (March 24) morning.

Henry is a six foot tall, 70 kilogram bronze stag statue that the family have had in their front garden in Knightsbridge for 20 years. Alison told MyLondon: “I had to look twice but then I realised to my horror that he wasn’t there. I’m very sad that I’ve lost something that we loved so much.”

Henry had become a landmark for London taxi drivers and a common selfie spot for tourists heading towards nearby Hyde Park, becoming “in his own way a little bit of the quirkiness that makes London the wonderful city it is.”

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The 60 Minute Makeover host told MyLondon: “This is not just about a six foot bronze stag, because as interesting as that is, it’s about what goes to make London the unique place it is and how we need to cherish that and preserve it. And, crime is damaging that wonderful character of London and it needs to be controlled.

“There is no doubt whatsoever that over the last few years, London has deteriorated considerably in terms of crime and people’s vulnerability and safety. The crime has utterly rocketed in Central London. I came out of my door once to see my neighbour’s car, a very nice car, on four sets of bricks. Theft has become more and more brazen.”

Alison, who once stood as prospective candidate for Mayor of London, explained how she now feels unsafe in the city. She has become “hyper aware” of those around her and explained living in the capital like “feeling in a state of permanent tension”.

The 60-year-old is offering a £1000 reward if the stag is returned to her Belgravia home in perfect condition. He was a ‘magnificent’ part of her family home for two decades and she explained how his theft signifies that the character of London is being robbed by criminals.

A spokesperson for the Met said: “Police were contacted on Sunday, March 24 to a residential address in Knightsbridge. A woman reported that her bronze stag statue had been stolen. There have been no arrests at this time and the investigation is ongoing.”

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