Unique new way to watch TV comes to the UK next month – just don’t look at the price

By Staff

LG is launching a ‘unique’ new way to binge on boxsets but it comes with a pretty high price tag.

LG makes some of the best TVs in the business but its latest device doesn’t have a giant screen, won’t take up space in your living room or look out of place in the most style-conscious of homes. It’s called the LG CineBeam Q with the Korean technology firm boasting that it’s been made to blend in better when placed on a shelf or popped on the coffee table.

It’s also fully portable, can be moved from room to room and can even be used outside for summer film nights.

When it’s time to begin those movie marathons, owners will be treated to stunning 4K visuals up to a whopping 120 inches in size. The projector also gets some clever technology to make sure things always look their best.

It comes equipped with features such as Auto Screen Adjustment which adjusts the focus and optimises image placement without owners needing to dig into endless settings. It will also create the correct image size automatically for the wall it’s projecting onto – eliminating the inconvenience of the setup process.

Thanks to its shipping with LG’s popular webOS platform built in, viewers can watch all their favourite shows with seamless access to streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, and YouTube. Additionally, it also allows users to share content from their smart devices via Apple’s AirPlay 2 and Miracast.

Even when it’s not being used it can be useful. LG says its CineBeam Q projector comes with a Light Drawing function to enhance the ambience of a space via digital images. This image-mapping feature projects images onto walls for peaceful mood lighting.

So what about that all-important price? The CineBeam Q will arrive on April 1 and cost £1299.99, ouch! Luckily those who pre-order on lg.com, will be offered a £200 voucher discount coupon taking the price to £1099.

“The LG CineBeam Q stands out as a truly unique projector, not only for its exceptional picture quality and impressive visuals but also for its ability to seamlessly blend into any home environment as a stunning art piece,” said YS Lee, vice president and head of the IT business unit of LG Business Solutions Company. “Content lovers will be delighted by the portability of the projector lineup, which delivers unparalleled cinematic viewing experiences anytime, anywhere.”

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