Virgin Media will buy your old PlayStation and Xbox – check now to see what it’s worth

By Staff

Virgin Media has launched a new initiative which aims to rid homes of old tech including Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo consoles. If you have one of these devices in your cupboards they worth hard cash.

It’s time to check your cupboards and dust off any old consoles you might have stashed away. Virgin Media O2 has just announced an update to its Recycle scheme which offers real cash for old tech. In fact, there’s up to £280 to be bagged depending on what’s under your TV. It’s not just about making money as, once received, any ageing gadgets are refreshed for resale or taken apart and fully recycled meaning less electronic waste is sent to landfill.

O2 Recycle has been available for a while on devices such as smartphones, but this is the first time the firm has taken old consoles from consumers.

“O2 Recycle has expanded to include popular gaming systems from PlayStation, Xbox, Oculus and Nintendo,” the company confirmed.

So how much will you actually get for a PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo?

Here are some of the O2 Recycle prices available now via its website.

PlayStation 5 • Get up to £280

PlayStation 4 • up to £102

Nintendo Switch • Get up to £110

Xbox One • Get up to £40

Xbox Series X • Get up to £230

Along with now offering consoles as part of its recycling programme, MacBook owners can also hand over their old laptops for cash. Some are worth over £1,200 so it’s worth checking before forgetting about it in your desk.

Of course, it’s also worth checking sites such as eBay as you might get more money for old tech via auction sites.

Virgin Media O2 says that since its launch in 2009, it has recycled almost four million devices and paid out £341 million to consumers. O2 Recycle is open to anyone regardless of their mobile network and, last year, the initiative processed almost 180,000 devices which were saved from landfill, and recycled or resold as ‘like new’ products to customers.

Speaking about the update, Dana Haidan, Chief Sustainability Officer at Virgin Media O2 said: “We’ve powered up O2 Recycle to cover consoles and MacBooks, making it even easier for people to trade in their unwanted tech for cash and to protect the planet by saving their device from landfill.

“With almost four million devices recycled and £340 million paid out, O2 Recycle is leading the UK’s circular economy and giving tech a second life so it can be used again and again.”

And Scott Butler, Executive Director from Recycle Your Electricals, added: “We’ve all got that ‘drawer of doom’ stashed full of electricals, including cables, spare plugs, phones, and for some of us a stash of spare game consoles and accessories. Now’s the time to cash in your old electricals.”

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