‘We earn £258k per year with a controversial job – people judge us but we don’t care’

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A couple who rake in over a quarter of a million pounds a year thanks to creating adult content online have been told to ‘get a real job’ – but they don’t care what people think

A couple say they manage to rake in over £258,000 a year thanks to their controversial jobs – but despite people telling them to “get real” work, they don’t care.

Nathan, 25, and 23-year-old Rebecca, known as Bec, call themselves “Australia’s hottest couple” and travel around Down Under to discover different places where they can film adult content.

Nathan and Bec both lost their jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic, so decided to buy a Landcruiser and put their whole life in there and go on the road.

The duo set up their OnlyFans page after they bought a jet ski together and travelled far enough out to sea where no one could see what they were up to. “We just thought we’re good-looking people so why not make money off our looks,” they said.

From then on, the couple began creating more videos while out in public settings. They create content in “some of Australia’s hottest landmarks”, says Bec, but they hope to take their content worldwide.

The pair, who met in high school, often hear people describing their way of making money as “gross”. Speaking during their appearance on the Love Don’t Judge show, Nathan said: “When we were old enough and left school, we went on a date and it was really nice and we fell in love from there.” The couple, who describe themselves as “really ambitious” say they do not care what people think about their choices. “We’re just trying to live our best life,” Nathan added.

Rebecca said she was “so overworked” before they began sex work, while Nathan said he had lost his job as an electrician before they started their new venture. Nathan said he has “never been scared to get caught” having sex in public, adding “it’s more exciting”.

Rebecca: “At first we were quite reserved with it – we didn’t tell people what we did as a job as we were worried about the judgement. The longer we have done this, we realised if we are just honest with people then it is a lot easier for us to deal with it.”

While most people are happy for the couple, it wasn’t so easy for their families. Nathan said his family found out what he was doing through some of their family friends, who had seen his content online. He added: “Once we spoke about it and they knew about the opportunities it’s giving us, they were totally cool with it.”

However, Bec’s family found out through her social media and “don’t like to talk about it”, she explained. “They just do their own thing and they let me do my own thing.” Not only is it awkward with Rebecca’s family, but the couple have also lost some friends along the way.

Rebecca said because the pay are living off the money they make from their adult content, they get a lot of judgement. She added: “Our main goal in the end is just to inspire other like-minded individuals, and other young individuals to live now and follow your dreams.” They hope to get married and have a family some day.

The couple have almost finished travelling the whole of Australia – uncommon for people their age. They plan to extend their travelling outside of Australia and make spicy intimate content all over the world. They love sharing their lavish lifestyle with their followers, but say they hope to settle down, get married and start a family some day.

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