‘We tried Popeyes’ new burger dubbed ‘better than McDonald’s – there’s one glaring issue’

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Popeyes has launched an exciting new burger that sold out across the US in just two weeks – and it’s set to rival a McDonald’s favourite. We tried the new menu item to see if it lives up to the hype

Stateside favourite Popeyes is known for rustling up mouth-watering fried chicken, and when a brand new burger hit UK soil, we simply had to try it.

The burger – or chicken sandwich as Americans call it – sold out in just two weeks across the US when it launched. Now it’s finally landed in the UK, and it’s exciting news for spice fans.

A zingy take on Popeye’s iconic chicken sandwich, the new offering is said to be covered in lashings of Buffalo sauce, offset with a cool and creamy hit of ranch – a true American staple.

Popeyes came to the UK in 2021, and fans have gone as far as saying it’s “better than McDonald’s”, a big claim indeed. With the newest burger and wings coming to town, it’s only right to see what the fuss is about.

The spicy delight boasts a fried chicken fillet that has been marinated for 12 hours in Popeyes’ signature blend of Louisiana herbs and spices, coated in a crunchy coating. It’s then hit with a splash of hot Buffalo sauce and ranch sauce and topped with fresh pickles – all inside a glazed brioche bun. It’s said to rival the much-loved McSpicy, a McDonald’s fan favourite that got a spicy update recently with Franks hot sauce.

After spotting fans praising Popeyes as “amazing” and “perfection”, three members of the Mirror lifestyle team tried the debut Buffalo Ranch Chicken burger and the Buffalo Saucin’ Wings to deliver a verdict.

Buffalo Ranch Burger

Rating – 6/10

Niamh: “I really liked this burger, I have never had Popeyes before and I was shocked by how crunchy and tasty the chicken fillet was. The bun was soft and toasted nicely, but perhaps a little soggy, and there was a lot of creamy ranch sauce which gave it a nice taste. I think this type of bun gives it a little more of a premium taste and apperance.

“I do like a little spice but unfortunately I couldn’t taste any sort of promised ‘kick’ from the buffalo sauce. It was really tasty but I think it could have done with a lot more of the buffalo sauce as all I could taste was the ranch.

Ariane: “I had high hopes for this burger but was left slightly disappointed. In theory, buffalo and ranch are my ideal combination, so this had the potential to become my all-time favourite burger. And while the chicken itself is flavoursome and crispy, it needed a lot more sauce.

“After the first bite, I was left wondering if there was any buffalo or ranch sauce on it at all. Don’t get me wrong, this is a tasty chicken sandwich, but it took me until the last few bites to taste any buffalo sauce. The bun itself was quite soggy too, which left me wondering if it had absorbed all the sauce on the way from the restaurant to our office. Having recently taste-tested McDonald’s McSpicy x Frank’s RedHot, I’d say say it doesn’t come close.

“Some have recently claimed the chicken burgers at Popeyes are better than McDonald’s, but I would say in this case McDonald’s wins on flavour. That one was spicy and swimming in sauce. While this one left me wanting more.

Ellie: “I thought the burger was delicious with slices of juicy pickles, a soft brioche bun, crispy lettuce and a huge crispy chicken breast but sadly I was seriously disappointed with the lack of sauce. I felt as if I could only taste a hint of buffalo in last couple of bites towards the end and I couldn’t taste any ranch.

“It needs about three times the amount of sauce to give it a kick. I also felt as if the burger bun was a bit too charred on the inside, and was left wondering if the bun had soaked up all the flavour. I tried the buffalo sauce seperately and it was tasty, so it’s a real shame I couldn’t taste it in the burger. But burger fans who want to dip their toe in a bit of spice will enjoy this, as the sauce itself is far sweeter and milder than Franks Hot Sauce.

Buffalo Saucin’ Wings

Rating – 8/10

Next up we gave the wings a go. They were coated well in the buffalo sauce, which filled us with joy. This is the first time sauced wings are available on Popeyes restaurant menus in the UK, following their success with fans in the US.

Niamh: “I was seriously impressed with the wings, they were so tasty and definitely had a spicy kick to them with just the right amount of heat. The coating was crispy and the chicken was juicy. I never opt for wings, but I would definitely get these again. They were also quite a good size with a lot of meat on them, and although a little messy, I thoroughly enjoyed them.”

Ariane: “After being a little let down by the burger, the saving grace was the buffalo chicken wings. They were swimming in the deliciously spicy sauce. These were juicy, crispy and were coated in the flavour I was looking for from the burger. I will be ordering these next time I go, with a few ranch dips on the side.

Ellie: “I was impressed with the wings, they were very more-ish. I thought they were really well seasoned as they had a lot more sauce on them. I could also taste the famous Louisiana rub Popeyes prides itself on. I wish the burger had the same taste.

The final verdict

It’s clear the team at Popeyes know what they’re doing when it comes to crispy fried chicken burgers. We were impressed by the new menu items, but just wish the tasty buffalo sauce was more prevalent in the burger like it was on the wings. With that said, the brioche bun was a real standout and should have other UK fast food chains quaking in their boots. And the portion sizes were excellent.

If this has got you wanting to try it for yourself, you’ll have to be quick to get your hands on the Buffalo Ranch version of the classic Chicken Sandwich as it’s a limited edition. It’s available now in stores across the UK.

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