Why Prince Harry chooses to wear a wedding ring but his brother William doesn’t

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Whereas Prince William has never worn a wedding ring, Prince Harry was keen to design the perfect piece of jewellery to celebrate his marriage with Meghan Markle

Prince Harry went against royal tradition when he chose his wedding ring.

Both 39-year-old Prince Harry and 42-year-old Meghan Markle are well known for going against the royal grain. While deliberating over his wedding ring back in 2018, the Duke of Sussex decided not to follow the lead of either his brother Prince William or his dad King Charles – choosing to forge his own path instead.

While 41-year-old William has opted to not wear a wedding ring at all, Harry has worn a stunning silver band ever since he tied the knot with the Duchess of Sussex. While it is no secret that the brothers have not seen eye-to-eye over the last few years – many fans are curious about their different jewellery habits.

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Prince William has never worn a wedding ring since tying the knot with the Princess of Wales in 2011. Shortly after the lavish nuptials, a source told The Mirror that the Prince of Wales had simply never been a fan of jewellery – and was not going to change now.

“He’s not one for jewellery,” the source said. “He’s never worn any. He decided he didn’t want to wear one now. It’s all down to personal preference.” Much like his grandson, the late Prince Phillip also opted not to wear a ring during his 73-year-long marriage to The Queen.

On the other hand, Prince Harry was happy to wear a ring – but wanted to make sure it was the right one for him. The Duke went against royal tradition with his wedding band – opting for a modern, platinum design instead of the classic Welsh gold usually worn by his family.

While his choice left some surprised, for royals deciding on rings today, it is much more about personal preference than tradition. According to reports, Harry was after a more modern and sleek design for the special piece of jewellery.

Like the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Sussex, King Charles’ wedding ring is nade from the classic royal Welsh gold. However, the 75-year-old was clearly keen to put his own spin on things – unconventionally donning his band on his pinkie finger, besides his beloved signet ring.

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