‘Wife accused me of cheating after an ‘innocent’ purchase on work trip – it’s ridiculous’

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It’s trouble in paradise for one couple after a wife spotted an unusual item in her husband’s luggage ahead of a work trip. He denies the cheating allegations and has branded his spouse as ‘paranoid’

A man has branded his wife ‘crazy’ after she called him out for an unusual business trip purchase.

The tell-tale signs of infidelity can sometimes be hard to spot. Perhaps your partner has started returning home smelling of another woman’s perfume or keeps making excuses to leave the house at the weekend, or maybe he’s become overprotective of his phone. But some of these behaviours can be justified with a simple and innocent explanation – and your anxieties will melt away if you just communicate .

But for one man, his loyalty has come into question after he bought a garment outside his usual wardrobe choices.

Taking to Reddit, the man explained that he had bought a ‘silky’ pair of underwear ahead of his business trip to Las Vegas. Normally, he would stick to ‘well worn but comfortable tighty whities’ but had decided to treat himself.

However, after spotting the sexy briefs in his luggage – the man’s wife accused him of cheating. “I feel she’s being paranoid, and frankly insane,” the post reads. “I told her this directly and slept on the opposite side of the bed from her that night. I don’t know what to expect from her when I come home.”

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Users rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts, with the majority condemning the husband’s purchase and backing his wife. “You’re behaving in an out-of-character way then were very rude to your wife. Your behaviour and response make you look suspicious,” one person said.

Another agreed, commenting: “I would get suspicious if my woman brought her sexy underwear for a business trip, a red flag indeed.” While a third added: “I think you do know what to expect when you get home. You should get your story straight.” However, some defended the man and accused the wife of ‘overreacting’.

“I wouldn’t characterise silky boxers as sexy but to each their own,” they wrote. “If you needed new underwear and wanted to try something new, it’s not indicative of cheating. Your wife over reacted. At the end of the day they are underwear.”

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