Wild AI dating trend is surging in popularity – and the code name is hysterical

By Staff

A bizarre AI trend is taking the dating world by storm, so much so that it’s found itself on a ‘discreet dictionary’ list of dating terms for unconventional relationships

Would you turn to artificial intelligence to try and find love? Chances are it’s being used without you even realising it.

Modern daters are doing the most when it comes to finding The One, and developments in the world of technology are making things even more complicated. How would you feel if you knew that you were sexting with someone, only to find that their flirty prowess wasn’t of their own thumbs, but indeed was down to AI?

Some singletons are doing just that according Ashley Madison, a social networking site which has compiled ‘The Discreet Dictionary’ – a catologue of emerging dating trends and buzz-phrases. According to the experts, one hot new phenomenon is ‘auto-erect’, referring to the act of someone using Chat-GPT during a steamy sexting session.

The team at Ashley Madison says compiled the list so people can communicate their desires in a fun way, and they want to facilitate discretion in dating as well.

Of course, terms like ‘ghosting’ and ‘breadcrumbing’ have become the norm in our dating lingo, but there are new terms that may shock the more prudish among us. Below are all the unusual new dating trends emerging in 2024 – you may want to warn your friends too.

  • Auto-erect: using Chat-GPT during sexting
  • Call of booty: playing juvenile dating games
  • Covalent Bond: experiencing stronger energy to an affair partner when the affair is not disclosed
  • Kenning: the act of men learning that monogamy isn’t the default relationship style for the modern woman
  • Fireside Fling: someone you connect with to get through the darkest and coldest days during the winter months
  • Freewheeling: engaging in non-monogamous sexual or romantic experiences without feeling any guilt or shame
  • Game of Tones: assigning unique ringtones to the people you’re having an affair with
  • Ghostercoaster: an experience with a romantic partner who disappears and reappears in your life intermittently
  • Hush Haven: a favourite discreet spot to carry out an affair
  • Mapping: the careful and deliberate art of crafting a date with your affair partner that is outside the monogamy boundaries of your marriage
  • RendezTwo: a couple having an ongoing arrangement with another couple
  • Scandovellian: referring to a reality where cheaters are villainized, while the people who are cheated on benefit from the affair.

‌”People who are participating in non-traditional relationships already deal with a great deal of stigma and exclusion”, Christoph Kraemer, MD Europe for Ashley Madison said, explaining the dictionary was made to “promote greater inclusivity through language, in a light-hearted way.”

He added: “Dating should be fun for everyone, regardless of whether your situation fits the norm.”

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