‘Without Kate Middleton, the Royal Family is finished,’ former Royal butler Paul Burrell claims

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Paul Burrell, who was a butler to Princess Diana, has spoken out on the ongoing conspiracy theories surrounding Kate Middleton’s disappearance, claiming the Royal Family would be ‘finished’ without her

“Without Kate Middleton, the Royal Family is finished,” says former Royal butler Paul Burrell RVM speaking up for the Princess of Wales during tough times.

Speaking on TMZ Investigates: Where Is Kate Middleton? special, the ex-butler to Princess Diana talked about the rumours of Kate’s vanishing. In the newly released documentary, Paul showed he is a strong advocate for the Royal member and believes that the British Royal Family would break down without her.

Speaking on the ongoing conspiracy theories surrounding the Princess of Wales’ Paul recent disappearance, the former servant said: “I want them to pull through this crisis. I want them to show the world that everything is well within the house of Wales and I want them to go forward because they are our hope for the future. Without them – without Kate – the Royal Family is finished.”

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Paul used to work for the Royals as Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s butler starting in 1987. He stayed working for them until Princess Diana died in August 1997. Before she died, Diana said Paul was “the only man she ever trusted.”

In the more recent books he’s written, Paul reveals that Princess Diana called him her “rock” when times were tough. However, her mum, Frances Ruth Shand Kydd, wasn’t too sure about Paul, naming him “just another hanger-on grasping at Diana’s celebrity.”

A new investigation by TMZ provided viewers with a deep dive into Kate’s unexpected disappearance, featuring chats with experts and those who know the Royals personally. Many mysteries and theories have been swarming around the princess lately as she’s not been seen in public since Christmas except for a brief outing to the farmers shop with her husband Prince William last weekend.

So far, Kate has remained silent on the theories, leaving her fans guessing what’s really happening.

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