Woman cuts her own bangs and it goes terribly wrong – leaving her boss fuming

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The model was worried about her agent’s reaction after she decided to experiment with her clip-in extensions and cut in a fringe – but it all went wrong when she realised she accidentally cut her real hair

Most of us have had a haircut we weren’t too happy with, but one woman was left with a horror mane after trying to get her favourite TV character’s hairstyle.

Kenz Lawrén was experimenting with her hair and wanted to see what she would look like with bangs. Her goal was to look a character named Tokyo from the Spanish crime drama Netflix series Money Heist.

Due to working as a model, Kenz finds that she tries out new things with her hair often. But the LA resident had an unfortunate moment when she cut off a piece of her hair after trying to cut her clip-in hair extensions and was left in a state of shock.

Kenz has had bangs in the past, and had only recently grown her hair back out, so she felt hair extensions would be a great alternative. If she gets inspired by something, she isn’t afraid to impulsively cut or colour her locks. In a video she shared on TikTok, she seemed completely stunned at the fact she had chopped her actual hair.

Her boyfriend, Jonti Wild, 27, can be heard laughing after he saw what had happened and finds it funny how often his girlfriend experiments with her hair. Kez said: “My initial thoughts were – is that my real hair? No way. Why do I always do this to myself? My agent is going to kill me… Oh well, better commit now I guess haha!”

Kez explained; “This isn’t the first time that I’ve cut my hair, but I didn’t expect to cut my own on this occasion. I was so eager to start cutting away that I was being careless in my preparation process. I simply tucked my real hair behind my ears without even pinning them and naturally, some pieces clearly didn’t stay where they were intended!

“I was in denial at first and then once reality hit, I just busted out laughing because this is just so typical of me. I only had to hide it with my new ‘bang extensions’ for less than 24 hours.”

Luckily the 26-year-old model was able to book an appointment with her stylist, Allen, the very next day. She agreed with him to fully commit to a new look and can be seen looking gorgeous at the end of the video as she embraces her new bangs.

She added: “Any other time I’ve cut my own hair it was intentional but still impulsive. I’ve used my kitchen scissors to do it before. My hair stylists get a good laugh out of it It looks amazing now! My stylist, Allen, is incredible. I’m fully committed to the look and I’m loving it.

“Each time I do something crazy and impulsive with my hair, the process looks ugly, and then by the grace of the glam gods, it always turns out iconic in the end. Before I started modelling, I was very emotionally attached to my hair.

“When you’re a model, you don’t really get a choice about what’s done to your hair so you have to let go of emotional attachment, but that can be a beautiful thing.”

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