Woman makes unsettling discovery on husband’s fitness watch – and it changed her life forever

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A woman has claimed after already having suspicions, she found out her husband had been cheating on her all thanks to an unusual change she noticed in his fitness tracker

It’s safe to say we’ve come pretty far with technology – and one woman claims she managed to catch her cheating partner out due to his fitness watch.

Finding out your partner has been unfaithful is never nice, but for Megan McGee, it was as brutal as can be when she found out thanks to an unusual pattern on his fitness tracker.

Fitness trackers are a great way for people to keep track of their workouts, and Megan’s husband used a particular running tracker to keep up with his progress, but it was this data that she claims helped her figure out his infidelity.

Megan took to TikTok to share the revelation. She claimed her husband, who works in the army, would always stop or pause his run when he passed a colleague’s house – a woman he would sometimes get deployed with while serving. She then admitted she always got a “strange feeling” about the pair.

“I studied his running map on the Strava workout app and realised that he ran past, paused around, or ended at an address where a fellow Army girl lived. Their relationship had always given me a weird feeling and they were deployed together. Discovering these maps was the clue that confirmed my suspicions about their relationship – and the rest is history.

“What I ended up finding through [his] running maps was that he would start his ‘run’ at our house and he would end it at her house. She lived probably a half of a mile away.”

Strava is a social media fitness app, where running fans can track, record and share their running route and progress with their friends. It logs and maps out where the run has taken place, as well as the duration of the run and is a fun way for people to compete with their friends and family.

While it can’t be definite proof her husband was having an affair – it certainly made Megan raise an eyebrow at what her husband was up to while out on a run. She added: “So while this didn’t tell me the whole story, it sure gave me a lot of reassurance about who he was cheating on me with and what he was doing all those times he was gone.”

However, it must have been enough for Megan to end the marriage as she referred to him as her “ex-husband” when telling her story. People were quick to comment on the findings, as one TikToker said: “Everyone about to go make their Strava private.”

Whereas others shared their unique ways of finding out their partner had been unfaithful. One person shared: “I found mine because of Alexa. Found the drunken midnight grocery list with her laughing at his mispronunciations while in my home,” and another added: “I found out through our grocery store app. I saw that he was making purchases for items we didn’t have at a grocery store no were near our home.”

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