Woman shares nifty trick for getting free hotel snacks every time you travel

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If you’ve ever wondered how you can get a bunch of free stuff in your hotel room when you go on holiday, one mum reckons she’s got the perfect ‘script’ that works every time

There’s nothing quite like admiring the gorgeous hotel you’re staying in on holiday while devouring all the hotel snacks available – but they don’t come cheap.

It’s the worst when you help yourself to the hotel snacks and mini bar and get slapped with an additional bill at the end of the holiday – but imagine managing to wangle them completely free of charge?

One woman’s mum knows just what to say if you want to get yourself a bunch of freebies, and her daughter Julia shared her wisdom and knowledge on TikTok, where she posts with the username @thejuliabaird.

Julia’s mum said: “First I give them a phone call, I try to build a rapport with the person who answered the phone, tell them a little bit about myself and who I would like to send a little gift to, and just see if there’s anything they can do to help make the stay a little bit more special for the person.”

Julia then asked her mum to clarify whether she asked for “anything specific”, or whether she literally just asked whether there was anything they could do. “I just ask if they can do something”, she confirmed, saying that there’s an “anniversary or Valentine’s Day and I’m not there and I miss my loved one and if they could just send something special”. She said people need to “Just ask”, saying: “You don’t get if you don’t ask”.

Then, the clip cut to the mum and daughter duo in a hotel, where they’d been “left a bottle of Prosecco and some really adorable chocolates”. Julia said: “What did you say to get this?”, and her mum said: “I said we’re going to a candlelight concert, and we’re celebrating your engagement”.

Julia then replied: “That’s it! That’s the script”. She also captioned the video: “Mama knows best! Should I share more of her hotel/travelling tips?!”

In the comments, someone who used to work in a hotel wrote: “I used to work at a hotel and would give out the free snacks/waters to whoever asked for one or whoever was nice to me so this definitely works lol.” Julia also highlighted that you “don’t have to pretend” there’s a special occasion, just “ask if they can help make the stay a little more special.”

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