Woman slammed for using her son in revenge plan against infertile ex

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It’s always therapeutic to see karma getting dished out to people who have hurt us in the past, particularly exes, but one woman has been labelled a psychopath for wanting to use her child to get one up on her ex

A mother has been slammed after she admitted she wants to use her young child to get petty revenge on her infertile ex-husband. Explaining that having children was one of the reasons their marriage deteriorated, she revealed that she now wants to use her little boy to rub salt into the wound that he hasn’t had kids by his 30th birthday.

Sharing her malicious intent on social media, the 28-year-mum shared that the couple had been high school sweethearts, each other’s first everything and they’d gotten hitched right before she turned 21.

She wrote: “We disagreed on when to have children. He wanted to start right away, but I wanted to wait until I was 25, to get ourselves situated in life. This led to him cheating, admitting it, and then leaving me. He told me he didn’t want to be the 30yo with a newborn.”

The couple split because of this not long after with them both moving on into happier relationships. She continued: “I was heavily pregnant with my son when I saw him last, at 25. When he saw my very swollen belly, you could see the sadness in his eyes. We were cordial and he congratulated me. My response was, ‘Yup, pregnant right when I intended to be, if I were to become pregnant,’ his face fell a little more.”

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The woman confessed that she and her ex had never used contraception but had never fallen pregnant, leading her to believe that he could be infertile. She added that even now, he and his new wife haven’t had children even though they’ve been married for over three years.

She continued: “Well, I want to send him a ‘Happy Birthday’ message from me and my son on his 30th birthday to twist the knife in. He absolutely shattered me, I tried desperately to save my marriage and I am feeling petty AF knowing his arbitrary deadline is here and there isn’t a child in sight.

“My son is my world. I have an amazing partner, who would move heaven and earth and trek through hell for me and our child. In the end, I did luck out. That doesn’t mean I don’t still harbor some ill feelings and want to make it known on a day that I know my ex will absolutely remember.

She finished: “I want to do it so bad, but then again I’d be a terrible mother to use my child in this fashion…” People reading the Reddit post were horrified by the woman’s behaviour and begged her not to it. One person replied: “You came to the right conclusion in the last sentence. You’d be involving your child and his new wife in your ‘revenge’. You have no idea if your ex and his wife have lost pregnancies or are having health issues. What if she’s literally bleeding from a miscarriage and you send that?”

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Another user blasted: “You’ve already twisted the knife. Anything else, at this point, is more than petty…it’s malicious and vindictive. And yes, it would be terrible to use your child this way. Not to mention disrespectful to your current partner. It’d certainly make me wonder why you’re still so hung up on your ex that you’d use a child in such a vindictive way. I recommend therapy to find out why you can’t seem to move on.”

While a third summed up: “Only a complete psychopath would use their child as part of their revenge, no matter what the situation was. Live your best life and let him live the life he chose.”

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