Woman’s 5p cleaning hack melts away greasy oven stains in just 10 minutes

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It’s an appliance many of us put off cleaning for months, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet. Luckily, this 5p cleaning hack can transform your greasy oven door in just minutes

There are few things more annoying to clean than the dreaded oven.

It’s one of the most-used appliances in our homes and can be tricky to clean, which results in stubborn grease and burnt food building up over time. It’s a job many of us try to avoid as much as we can, but inevitably we have to tackle it.

But luckily cleaning fans have shared an easy hack which can transform your greasy oven door and make it sparkling once again – and it takes just 10 minutes. Better still, you don’t need to splash out on expensive cleaning products as this will only cost you 5p.

In fact, you might actually already have it in your cupboards so don’t need to head out to the supermarket at all. Taking to the Mrs Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook group, a woman posted a picture of her dirty oven door, and asked for advice on what to use.

She asked: “Keen on getting this clean. What products should I use?” Many fans offered suggestions – but one particular hack stood out as it’s so effective and cheap.

One fan suggested: “Use a dishwasher tablet on the glass with hot water. I did this and it came up like new. Wear rubber gloves though.” She then shared a photo of her sparklingly clean oven door, saying it “looked like yours” and “took like 10 minutes to get like this”.

Explaining how to do the hack, she said: “I dip it to make it wet, then I rub around but it kind of dissolves so I add more water to make it like a paste. I use like the little rectangle powder ones, not a liquid one (hope that makes sense). I own a cleaning company and find it the best way.”

When it comes to cleaning the rest of the oven, the woman continued: “I use Mr Muscle all over the inside and leave for an hour or so and then I use a scrub daddy and boiling hot water. Oven Pride is good for the oven racks, to soak in the bag but that’s all I use it.

“If your racks are bad I would soak them overnight in the bag with a towel under it on the draining board next to the sink, or even soak them for a few hours if you can’t do overnight.”

You can purchase 30 dishwasher tablets from Sainsbury’s for £1.49, which works out at about 5p per tab. You can also purchase them from Tesco for £3.39 for 40, which works out at about 8p per tablet.

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