Woman’s baby name idea ruthlessly mocked online as people say it ‘sounds like a disease’

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A woman stormed out of work in tears after her colleague described her baby name idea as ‘dumb’ – but others think it sounds like a ‘disease’ and have trolled the mum to be online

A pregnant woman was reduced to tears after her baby name choice was ridiculed for sounding like a nasty diagnosis.

The rule book on baby names has been ripped up in recent years, making way for a whole host of unusual and quite frankly bizarre suggestions. Take for example Elon Musk, who tried to name his son X Æ A-12 (catchy, right?) or Kim Kardashian’s children: North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

The reality is deciding on a baby that is unique but not going to result in classroom bullying can be an arduous task. But, finding one that everyone else also likes is virtually impossible.

One expecting mother had set her heart on the name Venusa, inspired by the Roman God of love and beauty, Venus. However, when she asked a co-worker about the name, they described it as ‘dumb’ and argued people would just call the child Vanessa.

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous colleague wrote: “She got upset and said no it doesn’t and that she’s asked her boyfriend and her parents and they all said it’s a name that’s never been heard of before… She started to cry and said ‘great, people are already insulting my parenting choices’ and that I’m being a b***h and left the shift early.”

The post attracted the attention of thousands of users, as many rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts. Whilst some encouraged the mum to call her daughter whatever she pleases – most slammed the name.

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“Venusa nervosa. I hope it’s not contagious,” one person wrote – as many others agreed the name sounded ‘like a disease’. “People need to stop setting their kids up for failure with these stupid names,” another commented. “A life long of correcting other people is tiring, I say that as a young person with a stupid name.” While a third added: “You’ve probably saved that baby a lifetime of ridicule.”

Many users pointed out that whilst they don’t appreciate the name, the colleague should have kept their opinions to themselves. “You’re right that is does sound like Vanessa and I agree that it’s a dumb name,” one person said. “On the other hand, when someone you aren’t close with tells you their baby’s name, you just say ‘oh that’s nice’ no matter how bad it is. That’s just common sense.”

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