Woman’s life flipped upside down after discovering she’s related to boyfriend

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A woman has taken to social media to share how she accidentally dated her cousin for five months after meeting on the dating app Hinge – and only learnt the truth at a meet-up meal

A woman’s entire world has been flipped upside down after making the devastating discovery that she’s related to her boyfriend. She explained how she had been dating her boyfriend for five months after meeting him on the dating app Hinge – and decided to introduce him to her parents.

While she was nervous about their reaction toward him, she never expected to learn they already knew him – and have done so since his birth. She said on Reddit: “I was talking to this guy on Hinge who had the softest of hazel eyes, and at the time, I thought he was the one.

“After exchanging a few messages, we decided to go on a date, and one thing led to another, and we were a couple. We dated for about five months until the horror struck us that we were relatives. Since we are both in our mid-20s, we were moved away from home and hadn’t had time to meet each other’s parents.

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“Instead of doing the traditional, I’ll bring you over to meet my parents, and I’ll go over to meet yours, we decided for a dinner with both our parents. You can pretty much tell where this story goes now.” When the couple arrived at the restaurant, her father stood up from the table to introduce himself to her boyfriend’s mother – but his “face turned completely white” when he made the realisation.

She added: “He [my dad] was looking directly at his cousin(Uncle’s daughter). It took her a second to realize as well. Since my family and his family live on opposite sides of the states, our parents hadn’t seen each other in about 30 years, and it was a coincidence that my boyfriend and I moved to the same city.

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“We could tell something was wrong with the way our parents looked at each other, and they informed us that we were related. Even though we loved each other, we decided it wasn’t right to do. That was one of the hardest breakups of my life, but it had to be done for the sake of our family. I told my friends that it didn’t work out and silently removed everything from social media.”

Commenting on her admission, one user said: “The hardest breakups are the ones over circumstance, rather than incompatibility or personal issues. Mad respect, indeed.” Another user added: “I’m sorry, that sounds like a rough situation. Even though second cousins are sometimes called “kissing cousins” due to the ability to legally marry, it’s still a bad situation to find yourself in. Mad respect for breaking it off quietly, too.” While a third user said: “Marrying first cousin is very common in many parts of the world.”

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