Woman’s photo explodes online after friends spot unfortunate reflection in mirror

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A woman from Scotland accidentally went viral after uploading a photo of her getting ready for a night out. However, she’s taken the attention lightly, admitting the picture is ‘too funny’ to not share with the world

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Woman Post Instagram Picture With a Very Phallic Reflection

Next time you’re getting ready for a night out, it might be best to put the phone away and refrain from any selfies.

Connie White blew the internet up after posting an innocent picture on her Instagram. Donned in a gorgeous red dress and sporting a full-glam face of makeup, the woman – from Scotland – looked stunning. However, it wasn’t until she had already uploaded the picture that somebody pointed out a rather awkward detail. The now-viral snap looks like there is something dangling down between her legs, caused by the reflection of her ankle and foot in the mirror.

Being a great sport and fully embracing the hilarious photo fail, Connie shared the photo on X (formerly Twitter) back in 2020. She captioned the post: “Cani believe a posted this on insta and someone commented abt how it looked like a had a d**k in between my legs.”

It racked up more than 23,000 likes and 1,200 retweets as it left other users in hysterics. Some still couldn’t work out what the reflection actually was, as Connie replied to inform them it was simply the back of her leg.

One commented to say: “Yes I spotted it now after about a minute looking. Yes they’re right, it looks like a big one alright.”

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A second wrote: “Connie, should have said – obviously it’s funny when you notice the ‘penis’ but you’re a stunning girl. Well done for sharing this – so many girls wouldn’t do so they’d be too embarrassed!” And Connie replied to say: “Thank u so much. Too funny not to share x.” Another added: “When you see it, then can’t unsee it.”

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