Woman’s time-saving cooking hack to peel and mash potatoes – in just one move

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Food expert Azure MacCannell shared a simple time-friendly hack using a household item to peel and mash potatoes in just one move – saving you precious cooking time

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Mashed potatoes are one of the best sides you can add to your dinner – but it could become time-consuming to make.

You can spend a long time prepping the spuds by chopping and peeling them before you even get to the boiling and mashing stage. However, one woman believes there is a much better way to do it.

Azure MacCannell, who posts online as @livecomposed, found a hack to remove the skins and mash potatoes in one swoop – saving you precious cooking time. And all you need is a cooling rack.

In the video, which gained more than 22,000 likes, the cooking expert was seen boiling potatoes she chopped in half with the skin still on. Once they were done, she took them out and started pushing them through the grid of the cooling rack.

The potato skin stayed on the rack while the mashed potato came out into the bowl underneath. She said: “Can we all agree that we need to stop peeling potatoes? Just boil with the skin on and push through a baking rack.”

Just add butter or margarine and give it a bit more of a mash to complete the dish. But if you enjoy potato skins, you don’t have to throw them away. The TikTok user suggested putting the “skins in an AirFryer” to make a crunchy snack instead.

Viewers were left stunned by the time-saving hack as they took to the comments to praise her for sharing. One user said: “OMG!!! I love this idea!!! Ty for sharing!! I can’t wait to do this!”

Another added: “Ooooh good idea,” while a third commented: “Did it this morning – worked so well! Thank you.” Someone else said: “Thank god for this trick bc the potato ricer is truly my most hated kitchen device.”

However, not everyone approves as some said it would be more difficult to wash. A viewer said: “Sounds like an extra dish I could not wash if I just peel them first,” as a second critic penned: “Did they stop making peelers? Lol.”

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