You’ve been juicing lemons wrong – ‘life changing’ trick avoids any slicing

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You’ve been juicing lemons wrong – as it turns out you don’t even need to cut into the fruit to get the juice our. This nifty hack has blown people’s minds as they wish they’d known it sooner

If you thought juicing a lemon was self-explanatory, you might have to think again.

What would you do if you didn’t want to use a whole lemon, but just wanted to squirt a bit of it onto your avocado? Most of us would slice a wedge off the lemon, and then probably wrap the rest of it in clingfilm – and make quite a bit of mess in the process. Well, we’ve got a hack for you that could save you a lot of hassle. It’s the small things.

TikTok user @unkoshercowgirl took to the video sharing app to share an incredible hack which has left people gobsmacked – and they wish they’d known it before. She said: “I don’t know if you know this. I didn’t know this until now.”

The content creator held a whole lemon, with the skin still on, and a cocktail stick, and said: “If you just want some of the juice […] you poke a hole in the middle of it…” After sticking the bamboo stick into the very end of the lemon, the woman then gently squeezed the fruit, causing juice to come pouring out the end.

This way, she could choose exactly the amount of juice she wanted to use, and when she stopped squeezing, no more juice came out the end. People were gobsmacked by what they saw, with one person saying: “Nah. This one seems doctored. Fluid has been added. No way the lemons I have can be squeezed so easy.”

However, the content creator explained that all you need to do is “roll lemon on counter to release the juice” first. Another simply said: “HOW DID YOU DISCOVER THIS?,” while a third commented: “OMG – it’s like those little bottles of lemon concentrate were based in real life.” “This is literally life changing. Thank you,” commented someone else.

Lemons aren’t just delicious on food, but can also be used to get rid of unsightly hard water stains. You do need to cut into your lemon for this – and then simply rub it against impacted areas.

Ensure you cover the hard water stains thoroughly – and if you do this the citric acid will “interact with the minerals present in the hard water stains, making them more manageable to wipe away,” according to James Elston of Boiler Central.

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