Zara fan warns over leather trousers after mortifying incident in restaurant

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Fans of fashion store Zara were warned by a woman online to not buy a pair of pants, as it turned out that they had a major design flaw – and she realised while out in a restaurant

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Woman sends warning to Zara shoppers after mortifying moment in restaurant

Buying a new outfit can be really exciting, especially when it fits like it was custom-made for you – but one woman was left mortified after she bought a pair of Zara faux leather trousers that did her dirty.

Julia Leonard was left horrified after visiting a restaurant with her family, only to discover her new pair of trousers came with a very awkward design flaw that left her red-faced and cringing. “Please just keep watching if you shop at Zara. So I bought these really cute, flarey-type leather pants, and I went out to eat with my family”, she shared in a TikTok.

She continued: “And thank god it was just my family. On our way out, my sister drops her phone, so I go down to pick it up and this happens…” Julia then stands back and demonstrates bending down, at which point the trousers let out a noise comparable to loudly breaking wind – before squatting down twice more to prove it was not an unfortunate isolated incident.

The woman burst out laughing, warning people to not bend down if they want to buy the pants. The clip, originally from 2020, was captioned ‘Save yourself because I couldn’t’, and it left viewers in stitches at the trouser’s hilarious hidden talent.

One commented to say: “I was expecting you to say they ripped but I was way off,” before another added: “Oh they ripped alright.” A second said: “Omgg. I would stand there doing it at least 32 more times to let others know it was just the pants.”

A third wrote: “I HAVE THE SAME PAIR. Happened to me getting into an Uber haha.” Some others loved the bonus feature, adding: “On my way to Zara right now.” Zara has been contacted for comment.

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