Buckingham Palace ‘has not snubbed’ Harry and Meghan despite significant downgrade

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Buckingham Palace ‘has not snubbed’ Harry and Meghan despite significant downgrade. The Duke and Duchess of Sussexes’ section in the family website has been changed.

Buckingham Palace ‘has not snubbed’ Meghan Markle and Prince Harry despite significant downgrade.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussexes’ section in the family website has received a major overhaul. However insiders insist it is not a snub.

Instead of the lengthy individual bios the duo had before, now, the pair share a short-and-sweet joint profile together. The Daily Mail writes that it has been suggested that the palace press office was slowly updating the website following the death of Queen Elizabeth and would get round to it in time’.

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Sources told Daily Mail that the changes “should not be seen as a snub, but a long overdue update.”

Buckingham Palace also included a link to Harry and Meghan’s new Sussex.com website in what has been seen as a goodwill gesture.

Meghan and Harry were initially removed entirely from the Buckingham Palace site before their lengthy individual bios were replaced by a 500-word joint section.

While the Sussexes’ stepped away from the Royal Family back in January of 2020, their detailed bios remained on the Buckingham Palace website for over four years up until today. The first sentence of their new profile explained that they “have stepped back as working members of The Royal Family” and goes on to give brief summaries of both of their most notable lifelong accomplishments. This now means they are now the only married members of the Royal Family that do not have their own individual profiles.

The new bio includes a photo of them beaming arm-in-arm on a beach together in South Africa with colorful leis hanging around their necks. Prince Harry’s profile is then written first and gives a short summary of his relation to the Royal Family, his tours of duty while working in the Armed Forces, his accomplishment of co-finding the charity Sentebale, and his work on creating and organising the Invictus Games.

Before the update, the Duke of Sussexes’ biography was over 2,700 words long and touched on nearly every aspect of his life from his early life, education, time serving in the army, working alongside his late grandmother Queen Elizabeth, an extended description of his long line of charity work, and more. Prince Harry’s profile also previously described him as being fifth in line to the throne

Meghan, her previous bio on the website sat around 1,300 words and detailed her education, impressive charity work, and successful career as an actress. Her original bio, as well as her current, did not explain her early life or include anything about her own family.

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