Only true pet lovers can find sneaky bone hidden in animal scene under 9 seconds

By Staff

It’s time to focus your mind and pay attention to detail with this mind-boggling brainteaser – your job is to find the hidden object in a busy beach scene within the allotted time

It’s the start of a new week so your brain might need sparking after the weekend – and this fun brain teaser could be just the trick to exercise your mind.

Studies have proven that regularly taking part in quizzes or trying to solve optical illusions and brain teasers can help brain function. Every day The Mirror shares mind-boggling puzzles to get your mind ticking. Today’s conundrum can only be solved by those “with the sharpest eyesight”, and you will need to pay attention to detail to find the hidden object within seconds.

Brain teasers and optical illusions try to provide some insights into how our brains work – combinations of colour, light, and patterns can trick our minds into visually perceiving something that isn’t there. You may already have a pretty good idea of how your mind works under pressure, but a brain teaser could well offer confirmation.

Solving this challenge will reveal if you have lightning-fast processing or laser-like vision. Are you ready to give it a whirl?

In the image above you will see a busy beach scene. Animals are playing and there are several objects everywhere. Your job is to identify where the bone is on the beach. If you can find the bone within nine seconds, you are in a small group who have outstanding vision.

Are you ready? The clock is ticking – let the challenge begin. All those with the quickest eyes and sharpest minds will succeed in this challenge. It requires a keen eye and unwavering focus.

If you are bewildered about where the bone is, the answer is below. Challenge your friends and family to take part, and see if you can beat them.


If you divert your eyes towards the bottom of the image you will be able to see the bone. It is hidden on top of the sandcastle where a cat and dog can be seen playing.

If you’re looking for more to keep your brain busy, why not attempt to spot the strawberry among the watermelons? Or, if you’re up for something a little more tricky, you can try to spot the animal within the zig-zag image.

For another challenge, see whether you have a ‘highly intelligent mind’ by working out the next number in the baffling maths sequence.

Did you manage to solve the puzzle? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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