Chilling video shows killer board London bus moments before stabbing love rival in the head

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Chilling footage shows the moment a killer boards an Oxford Street bus then brutally stabs his love-rival in the head. Oscar Castano-Colque even tapped his contactless card before making a beeline for the top deck of the number 94 bus, where he murdered 25-year-old Rafioullah Malik with a flick knife in front of terrified passengers on February 28 last year.

The 21-year-old from Shepherd’s Bush was jealous after his 17-year-old pregant ex-girlfriend, Sanaa Taha, sent him a message saying ‘Am gonna meet my daddy now’, later followed by a photo of her dining with Mr Malik at a nearby Angus Steakhouse. The couple had split days earlier after Ms Taha suspected Castano-Colque was cheating on her.

Instead of accepting the end of their relationship he bombarded her with texts, and then, after learning her location, he put a knife up his sleeve and cycled across West London from his hostel on Wood Lane into the West End. CCTV footage obtained by police after the murder allowed detectives to track Castano-Colque’s movements by following his distinctive red jacket.

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More footage shows the moment Castano-Colque heads towards the staircase, seconds before launching the deadly assault at exactly 10:11pm. Witnesses later told police he was ‘agitated, with nervous energy, frantic, appearing to look for a specific person’. The attack itself – which lasted 14 seconds – was shown at Croydon Crown Court in February this year.

In the video, blood pours from Mr Malik’s head at the feet of passengers who immediately jump back in shock. Castano-Colque then runs downstairs, followed by Ms Taha and a dazed Mr Malik who clutches his wound.

Once downstairs, Castano-Colque bangs on the door of the bus, demanding to be let off. Witnesses said they heard Ms Taha shout ‘What the hell are you doing?’ to which Castano-Colque replied ‘I’m dangerous’.

As the bus stops, Castano-Colque jumps off and marches down Oxford Street, throwing the murder weapon into the nearest bin. With Ms Taha following, he then goes to an alleyway and lobs his blood-soaked jacket over some hoardings. This was all caught by CCTV cameras, and police were able to retrieve the evidence and link it to Castano-Colque with DNA analysis.

More CCTV tracked Castano-Colque and Ms Taha from Oxford Circus to Uxbridge Road, via the London Underground, then to a Sainsbury’s at around 10:40pm. Detectives noticed he had also discarded a black jumper. After going back to his hostel on Wood Lane, he then took a taxi to hide at an address in Camberwell where he was later arrested.

‘Trying to deceive psychiatrist’

Mr Malik was badly hurt in the attack, with a 6.5cm stab wound to his left temple that cut his carotid artery. It was this injury that eventually proved fatal, and after three weeks in a coma his life-support was withdrawn on March 21 last year.

Castano-Colque was charged with murder and made no comment under questioning. He then pretended to be so psychotic he was unfit for trial. Claiming he was hearing voices in his head, he managed to hoodwink the prison psychiatrist and the trial date was put off fours times.

Unfortunately for Castano-Colque, he had not banked on police snooping on his ‘lucid’ prison phone calls. The prosecution later used these recordings to debunk his sob-story, forcing the defence to ditch the psychiatrist’s opinion.

“It’s utterly clear now, over many many months the defendant was seeking to deceive the psychiatrist trying to assist him… He was trying to establish a defence of diminished responsibility on the basis of a lie,” prosecutor Edward Brown KC told the court.

‘You knew what you were doing’

Jailing him for life with a minimum term of 25 years and six months, Judge Peter Gower KC told Castano-Colque the ‘pointless and unnecessary’ attack was ‘savage and sustained’ against a ‘respectful and well mannered man’.

“I have no doubt you armed yourself with a knife, not merely to have available as a weapon, should the occasion arise, but to find the man with Ms Taha and attack him, which is what you did when you set your eyes on him. What you did involved pre-meditation which can only be described as substantial,” said Judge Gower.

“You knew what you were doing and you knew what was wrong. In any event Ms Taha’s behaviour provides no justification to what you did, and Mr Malik had done absolutely nothing to justify you attacking him and brutally murdering him in the way that you did.”

‘No choice but to plead guilty’

Detective Chief Inspector Wayne Jolley said: “Castano-Colque could not accept his relationship was over and his former girlfriend had moved on. On the day of the attack we tracked his movements on CCTV to target the bus Rafioullah Malik was on in order to carry out his vicious and determined attack.

“After stabbing Rafioullah numerous times, Castano-Colque left the bus and attempted to throw away his coat and the murder weapon. In the immediate search after the incident, we recovered both of these key pieces of evidence and DNA testing irrefutably linked Castano-Colque to the murder.

“This coupled with CCTV from on board the bus which captured the entirety of this crime, meant Castano-Colque had no choice but to plead guilty.”

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